Saturday, July 11, 2009
Have you helped someone???

We have a patient named Rafael Isaac Borja Garcia, son of Jaja Borja and Wendell Garcia (drummer of Pupil)... He's been admitted for months now... Raffa (also known as Botchok, Famfam) is suffering from CUTIS LAXA ... 

Cutis laxa (Latin for loose or lax skin) is a connective tissue disorder in which the skin lacks elasticity and hangs in loose folds. It is a rare disease, and affects only
like a hundred in a million... And I think this is a first for our country (Philippines)...

To all of my friends, relatives, whoever you are reading this blog, let's help baby Raffa... A little help will go a long way...

ACCOUNT DETAILS for Donations to Baby Raffa (FamFam)


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
The past...

Few hours from now it'll be my 25th birthday...

A year have past, nothing much have happened....

There were my ups and down moments, think that it will always be like that...

I'm supposed to be happy, I have a good job, nice boyfriend, one big family...

Something is holding me back and I still don't know what...

I feel like I haven't accomplished anything, and it's almost half of my life now...

Still I feel like i haven't done anything to give back to my family...

Something is missing... And I can't figure out what...

I am not alone, yet I still feel like I am...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Love Takes Time

  • Love takes time. It needs a history of giving and receiving, laughing and crying...

  • Love never promises instant gratification, only ultimate fulfillment.

  • Love means believing in someone, in something. It supposes a willingness to struggle, to work, to suffer, and to rejoice.

  • Satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment are by-products of dedicated love. They belong only to those who can reach beyond themselves; to whom giving is more important than receiving.

  • Love is doing everything you can to help others build whatever dreams they have.

  • Love involves much careful and active listening. It is doing whatever needs to be done, and saving whatever will promote the other's happiness, security, and well-being. Sometimes, love hurts.

  • Love is on a constant journey to what others need. It must be attentive, caring and open, both to what others say and to what others cannot say.

  • Love says no with empathy and great compassion.

  • Love is firm, but when needed it must be tender.

    When others have tried and failed, love is the hand in yours in your moments of discouragement and disappointment.

  • Love is reliable.

    Love is a choice and commitment to others' true and lasting happiness. It is dedicated to growth and fulfillment. Love is not selfish.

  • Love forgives, knowing the intentions are good.

  • Love does not attach conditions... Genuine love is always a free gift.

  • Love realizes and accepts that there will be disagreements and disturbing emotions... There may be times when miles lay between, but love is a commitment. It believes, and endures all things.

  • Love encourages freedom of self. Love shares positive and negative reactions to warm and cold feelings.

  • Love, intimate love, will never reject others. It is the first to encourage and the last to condemn.

  • Love is a commitment to growth, happiness, and fulfillment of one another.

  • --- Barb Upham

    A nice wisdom from Barb Upham... the reason why i came across with this is because of my beloved boyfriend who gave me a letter with this passage...

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    Thursday, June 05, 2008
    still sick

    I hate this feeling... Getting sick, it's hard... I am currently here in TMC, for blotting... I really don't understand what is up with my body... I don't have any appetite, my blood pressure is still rising despite that i'm taking my medicine, I feel nauseaus... I think I really have to take a lot of rest and unwind for a while... Maybe my work took it's toll on me already... Bit it is not easy to take a leave in our work... I am waiting for hours but it is okay because I am currently enjoying blogging using my I-touch, I managed to use the wi-fi here in the industrial medicine...

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    (read: Excuses you can give your mate everytime ur in a smoochy mood)

    Dr. Peter Gorden, Dental Advisor at the British Dental Association, explains. "After eating, your mouth is full of sugar solution and acidic saliva, which causes plaque build up. Kissing is nature's own cleaning process," he adds. "It stimulates saliva flow and brings plaque levels down to normal."

    (Too bad we can't do this at work!!!)
    A passionate kiss is a great relaxation technique, says stress consultant, Michelle Kay Mcnabb. " When your mouth is in a kissing position, you're almost smiling and, as our emotions and body language are so closely linked, it's almost impossible to smile and feel tense at the same time," she explains. "Also, your breathing becomes deeper and your eyes close when u kiss - that's what u do when u relax. It's a perfect way to shut out the world."

    (o ayan sa mga nagpipilit magdiet!)
    "A long kiss makes the metabolism burn up sugar faster than usual," says Claire Potter. "The calories burned depend on the intensity, but you can rely on 10 calories for every 10 minutes." [an interesting alternative to exercising...]

    (a fountain of youth -- for real!!!)
    "Kissing helps to tone ur cheek and jaw muscles, so they're less likely to sag," says Cosmo's Fitness Consultant, Claire Potter

    (well this is one exercise i bet guys won't get tired engaging in hehehehe)
    Our heart is pumping, your pulse is racing..."If kissing is exciting, you release adrenaline into the bloodstream and our heart pumps more blood around your body," says Dr. Susan Hotchkies. "It's a great cardiovascular workout."

    (ahem ahem hem any violent reactions or otherwise?)
    Kissing a new man gives you the perfect opportunity to check out his pheromones - the chemical messengers that signal sexual attraction. " The first kiss is always a good way to work out if there's any chemistry between you, "says Paul Brown, a sexual and marital therapist. " In humans, it's thought that smells plays a vital part in subconscious attraction, and if your pheromones aren't 'in tune', you're unlikely to hit off in other areas."
    [ika nga sa FRIENDS... kissing kinda predetermines a lot of things right?]

    And finally,

    (to the tune of  "i feel good dananananan you know that i do... so good")
    There's nothing better than a passionate kiss for a major dose of feel - good factor. "In theory, when u're kissing, you're happy. And when you're happy, you feel good about yourself," says psychotherapist Paul Zeal.

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    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    What a week it was.... Just got sick last week (well until now), luckily for me that i wasn't hospitalized... I was down with typhoid fever, it was good that i was diagnosed early, got myself into medication (twice a day for 10 days). My medicine costs too much, it's really hard these days to get sick, it's expensive... I just blame myself for eating barbeque sold in the streets (well actually i bought it from a trustworthy store)... I'm thankful to God that He spared mom and dad, and only me who got the disease... 

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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Congratulations to the JABBAWOCKEEZ for winning the first ever AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW in MTV....

    i just wish it was kaba modern vs. jabbawockeez who battled for the title instead of the status quo... it'll be a hell of a showdown between jabba and kaba....

    *** picture source:

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    Friday, March 07, 2008
    JabbaWockeeZ Dance Crew

    I first saw this dance crew in the Ellen DeGeneres' Show last February and they were awesome... What astounded me was most of the crew were Filipino. When I searched in the internet i came across to their youtube account and saw some of their stints in the USA...

    Currently, the crew is one of the contestants in the MTV Reality Show America's Best Dance Crew produced by Randy Jackson of the American Idol... They are the crowd favorite.... And i hope that they win...

    These 6 crew members are the ones who are in the America's Best Dance Crew competition...




    And the rest of the Crew....




    If you want to know more about the crew just click the link on their official website:



    Here's the link where you can vote for them....

    **** source:

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    Monday, September 03, 2007
    Want free gadgets???

    you can get a free cell phone on just making a referral and promoting a website... try it, it's worth... free of charge... hassle free....

    just click the link below...

    Click here to get your free mobile phone or apple ipod

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    Saturday, September 01, 2007
    Want to earn extra money???

    Want to earn some extra money without living your home???

    This only take few minutes of your time online...

    So try it now...

    Guys, this is true...

    Just click the link if you want to know more...

    See you at YUWIE!!!

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